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Open Your Heart

” It only matters that you develop the ability to dissolve the tensions that you are swimming in…” Swami Chetanananda

In the best way you know how.


Intensify Your Practice

“Whenever you are ready…irrespective of your personal history, whenever you are ready, you can engage the deeper creative energies within you and begin to change. Its up to You. Namaste. ” Swami Chetanananda
Reflection: I woke up today, realizing more deeply my struggle yesterday, battling that feeling….who am i?
I asked deeply to understand.
Now, after Intensifying my Practice with Swami C, i\I feel light and calmly centered. His talk gave such insight, like bright light, into my question this morning. I feel fresh. Breathing & connecting with my whole being. Feeling my heart.
I wish to Grow, with harm to none.
Thank you Swami C,

{ what is Your Relevancy to Etsy ? }

I begin now, the Question & exploration of how Etsy decides what Relevancy truly is.

“When you click on any given section or subsection of a browse page, you’ll be taken to items that are sorted by relevancy. These item results are not curated. Instead, our system looks across the entire marketplace for items that are relevant to the themes of the particular browse section, and then it displays those items sorted by relevancy.”

My Questions #1,2&3:

What does your system look at, all across the marketplace? (“… items that are relevant to the themes of the particular browse section…”)

How does your system find them, what strategy&technique does your system employ?  (“…and then it displays those items sorted by relevancy.” )

How is the relevancy determined?

Answer: ” Just like in Search, a listing’s tags and titles are important in determining where it appears in Browse. We explain more about that further below.  ” – Etsy Help

Further on:

“What does that mean? Similar to Search, our system will show relevant results in Browse based on keywords in listing tags and titles. In addition, the category the seller chose during the listing process is also taken into consideration. All of these factors together contribute to whether or not an item is eligible to appear in a particular section of Browse.” 

“Each section and subsection will display up to 20,000 relevant items before prompting buyers to use Search. ”



{The Perks of Browse }

(& a must read in full via the article here):

“Overall, we’re happy to share that Browse has led to more shops with sales when compared to Categories. With this in mind, we’ll continue to seek feedback and further enhance Browse for shoppers.”

“we learned that buyers are much more likely to visit a category related to what an item is (jewelry), or its end use (weddings), than a category related to material or technique. ”

“We also wanted our browse pages to reflect more commonly-recognized, buyer-friendly groupings of items that will be meaningful for any visitor — new or returning. We considered what our sellers are offering on Etsy, and how we could use browse pages to highlight the uniqueness of the marketplace in a relevant way.

Based on the information we collected, we concluded that ArtHome & LivingJewelryWomenMenKidsWeddingsVintage, and Supplies were the strongest top-level groupings to help buyers browse Etsy’s marketplace. ”

– Etsy Help


{ Browse vs Category }


Categories still play an important role in Etsy’s marketplace. They’ll continue to be used as filters for buyers using Search. When sellers list items, they’ll still be asked to select a category and subcategories — these selections help our system better understand what an item is, so it can appear in browse pages where it’s most relevant.”

( ” these selections help our system better understand “)—-The Categories we select during listing an item, help in determining what an item is, thus increases its relevancy to the system if our selected categories are most accurate…

“Buyers who want to shop for items using our original 31 categories, like Geekery or Crochet, can click on the Categories link under More Ways to Shop, located on the homepage. The design and behavior of category pages have not been changed.”

– Etsy Help



{ Note }

“we organized browse pages in a way that models what many buyers are accustomed to — grouping items by what they are, who they’re for, or what they’re used for.” — Etsy Help

{ FYI }

” the category links on our homepage are rarely clicked and, overall, only 6% of visits to Etsy that include a purchase have viewed a category. ” – Etsy Help

“Any shopping pages that became redundant with the introduction of Browse, such as Kids or Home & Garden, have been absorbed into their appropriate browse pages.” – Etsy Help

in regards to what browse sections hit the front page:

“We chose browse themes that would be easy entry points with the goal of leading shoppers to discover something they’ll love” – Etsy Help

“In most of Etsy’s browse pages, vintage and handmade items are shown together and sorted by relevancy. Buyers have responded positively to the combination of handmade and vintage items in search results, so Etsy is moving toward a more integrated shopping experience overall. “- Etsy Help

My Question: what is happening to Etsy is a Handmade Artists marketplace?

(not answered here)



back to relevancy….


What determines where items appear in browse pages?

The images that represent a browse section: “The items featured in the images are hand-picked by Etsy Admin in an effort to best represent the theme of their section.” “When deciding what items to use, we look for listings and shops with strong photographs and brand representation. ”

How are items selected to represent a section on a browse landing page?

“Any item and shop on Etsy is eligible to be featured. We aren’t able to feature all of the deserving
shops in our marketplace, but you can increase your likelihood of getting noticed by following the tips shared in our Seller Handbook! ”

As a seller, how can I optimize my items for browse pages?

” Browse pages rely on relevancy, so as long as you’re listing your items in their appropriate category and using accurate tags and titles, you’ll be optimizing for both Search and browse pages at the same time.

We have loads of resources available to help you get your listings in shape. Check out the list below!

Basic articles from our Help Center…

– What is a listing title, and how does it affect my item?
– What are tags?
– What are categories?


{ the dynamic processes set in motion }

Published on Sep 13, 2013
This excerpt from the Spanda Karikas program was recorded on the afternoon of August 24, 2013. In it, Swamiji discusses the concept of the breath of life, and how it relates to this ancient text. He talks about what it’s like to know something through revelation rather than intellectually. The complete program will be available soon on