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Transparency Project


/////Transparency Project/////
{ a movement to remove negative stigma from the Market Place, a belief in transparency, respect & straightforward equality, Honor Your Self without Expectations, a movement to clear out generations of fear, shame, & self doubt }

Welcome to The Magicians Cat TOTAL Transparency Project. Below I have outlined the ACTUAL Cost of this piece & how that Breaks Down. If You would like an itemized list of this breakdown, just ask πŸ™‚ These figures include the tax & shipping I paid on each item. If you would like Guidance on how to do this for Your Shop, please convo me πŸ™‚

You will find the option to “Give” WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD ( in ::this:: moment ) in the drop down menu in this listing, located between the words “Overview” & the listing Price.
So this is my TRUTH, and I am sharing what I Love to do with YOU, and YOU are all different, in different places, with different Paths, so here is my honest movement to change MY marketplace in the tiny way I CAN, by being straightforward, dropping ridged expectations by creating flexibility, freedom, choices with Honesty.

I began my $19 necklace project in the beginning of 2014 after I realized that my Heart needed something different…I wanted to do business Like FRIENDS, Like FAMILY, with trust & Love & Genuine Giving…to create from the Earth with Uplifting Beauty, with LOVE as my first intention, never money. To allow my creative energy to flow outbound, from my Heart to Yours, and on and on…
So please Friends, PAY WHAT YOU CAN & if intense emotions arise, or even dense emotions, OPEN YOUR HEART to meet Your SELF where YOU are, in this moment, with LOVE and Grace, and Know, about all else, I wish for YOU to be HAPPY.

& the Movement begins….enjoy.


Earth Necklace

β™₯β™₯ These necklaces are intended to provide grounding support wherever you may find yourself. In moments of unrest you may find these tiny gifts vibrating softly against the meeting place of your third & fourth chakras. β™₯β™₯
β™₯β™₯ the crystals in these jars can be charged with your intentions, resting gently on your body to provide these reminders softly. Each jar is its own Tiny Universe, with multiplicities of wonder and awe, to be explored & celebrated…β™₯β™₯
β™₯β™₯The blessings of this earth are always with us and may these gentle gifts be a powerful grounding reminder of the true beauty of our nature. Each moment is an opportunity to tune in and open our heart. β™₯β™₯

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the Magicians Cat

The Magicians Cat