Groundlessness. Is there truely anything that needs protection? 99.9% empty space and my little self will tell me to search for security in this space and there is laughter from my higher heart, who’s floating commentary shatters the weakest of my intentions and in one eye I see the dust and in the other the space around this such. So why does my winged heart melt against the sun, break against the weight, die into infinity. Swirling. Mankind if I could open the mind and show you grey matter you’d say I’d found something solid. You may insist but you are me and I am you. So I know. I know. Doubt, the space between heart and mind. Divine without. Alive and untrustworthy. Plague. Riddled with your solid touchable sins. Chained with the key in your pocket all this time. Blind because you see darkness in light. If I could tell you of a world where your limitations look like imitations. Thats what they are my friends. I set a burning bowl within my heart and I feed these flames my rigid tastes. Today I burn for us, courage and groundless such. Namaste. Xoxo


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