{ Monday Interview #1 }

Sarah & the Moon, an Etsy Shop interview by Cassidy Millar }

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{ Sarah }

I am very excited to present to you,

Sarah & the Moon.



Favorite Colors?  Blues, purples and greens…not the pastel shades though!
sarah & the moon
{ Etsy Listing:  Opulent and elegant, this striking cape is both dramatic and very warm. It features a striking pattern of stripes and colour blocks, woven in the “Saori” style, which makes the garment an irresistible piece of wearable and unique fibre art. }
ten words to describe yourself ? I’m a shy, curious, friendly, tattooed bookworm
unconcerned by rank or belongings…more About Sarah.
what is your vision? To bring colour and joy into people’s lives and make them smile.
 favorite materials? Merino and alpaca yarn.
personal inspirations? The artists Frida Kahlo and  Lolita Lempicka,  authors Maya Angleou and Angela Carter and the architect Zaha Hadid, as well as any woman that lives by her beliefs and stands to true to them.
your favorite quote: I have this quote in my purse, although I have no idea where it originated:

“Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you.  Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within. “

sarah & the moon

 { Etsy Listing: Luxury fibre: merino, alpaca, wool and premium acrylic. Care: Cool gentle hand wash recommended, Scarf should be dried flat and pressed on the ‘wool’ setting with the aid of a pressing cloth.  }
+3 favorite etsy stores?
LisaPierceJewelry for her amazing use of technique and colour
behindmyblueeyes I love her vision and use of colour
pidgepidge As a fellow weaver, I can appreciate the technique that she uses and I love her use of colour too!
+all time favorite Etsy purchase?
I bought a hanging mosaic ladybird from a shop that up until that point had had no sales. It was lovely to support another artist at a time when she was getting disheartened…and I got a fabulous garden ornament too.
+ 3 favorite Etsy Teams of all time?
Established Self“of course! Mainly because of the talent in the team and the like-mindedness of the members.
British Crafters” – a small group who really support and promote one another
and “Handmadeology” because you can learn so much.


to the world of

finely crafted & luxurious, handwoven & hand knit,

fashion accessories.”


sarah & the moon
♥ 10 { nouns } You are Grateful for:
I am grateful for my health, eyesight, curiosity and tenacity. I am grateful that I can read, laugh and have my friends laugh with me. I am grateful for the loyalty I have experienced from others in my life. I am grateful to everyone I have ever known, as they have formed the person I am today…and I am content with myself.
♥ What personal attributes have come forward thanks to this creative venture?
Um, I had no idea that I could absorb so much information! I think I have become much more focussed and time aware – I am not the faffer that I used to be….although, I do slack sometimes!
sarah & the moon
{ Etsy Listing: I have hand knit this wonderful scarf using a hand dyed yarn, the pattern is my own and the scarf is designed to be worn bandana style. It is made from a really soft merino wool, and features little ‘points’ along the edge of the scarf that have been knit in a different stitch to the main part of the scarf to add a bit of extra texture.
Describe your hardest lesson Hardest  lesson in my Etsy shop?
It would be that no matter what you are told to do, someone will always tell you to do something different, so go with your gut feeling. It’s your work, your creativity and only you can get your vision across….it was a tough lesson, but one that was needed.
where, oh where, are you wandering to? Personal aspirations & Dreams?
 I would love to become more well known as a weaver and maybe be able to give up my part time job to weave full time. I would love to live somewhere else and experience another culture….however, my ultimate dream would be to have a yarn shop where anyone involved with yarn from spinners, knitters/crocheters and weavers could meet up and exchange ideas.
sarah & the moon{ Etsy Listing: If the colours aren’t your cup of tea, then convo me to discuss the colours that you would like. The scarf is a distinctive shape (a long, narrow triangle), and has little ‘points’ running along almost the entire length of one side. }

{ the final question }

Tips for Sellers as a Seller & Tips for sellers as a Buyer? As a seller ensure your photo’s are clear and well thought out…and join a team a two in order to get support and promote your work. As a buyer, no advice really…buying is so personal, but look for items that are genuinely hand made or produced as they have a different ‘feel’ from generic store bought goods – and you are supporting another’s dream at the same time.

There are links below to both Sarah’s Etsy & Blog!

“All of my designs are completely made by my own hand in my studio in rural North Devon, UK. I work almost exclusively with natural yarns – many of which are hand dyed or hand painted by me. I regularly add new designs to the shop…so feel free to visit every so often to discover fresh and original pieces with fabulous colour, and unique touches, all made with luxury materials that are guaranteed to get you noticed. ” – sarah




sarah & the moon

Shop Sarah’s gorgeous handmade knits on Etsy

the end. xoxox

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