Daily Intentions

Daily Intention:

today, I welcome being a teacher. Today I honor the teacher all around & within. Today I honor Growth & Teaching.



….a novel in process…

the book im working on….

I never intended to stay. This place, like every other devastated place, was to pass beneath my feet and be washed from my skin by day break.
With my face hard, eyes forward, aware of the heat, aware of the stench of death, of the sounds structures make when burning to the ground and collapsing amongst my preconceived expectations, I walked. I did not stop to look right or to look left. Experience had not dulled my senses but rather given me the ability to produce a response with less aggravated effort. A prefabricated reaction requires no actual feelings.

Dune had seen them, not I. He must have been frozen by his astonishment. Unable to understand why those eyes were meeting his amongst the rising smoke. We had been traveling together for near a year and never had we seen anything living besides one another. He fell from my side and I became aware of something new, something inside my conscious I had not known before.
I turned for him, I turned to find him, I turned as not to loose him; and when I turned I lost myself. Before my hair could settle against my shoulders, I knew it was too late. The narrow ridge I walked in life had just escaped from beneath my feet.

“Dune, come.”
He did not turn his face. I took one step toward him in a direction I considered to be more like suicide than actual movement. 
“Dune….” I growled in my tone, “…..come here.”
He turned his face to mine, his expression becoming pensive. Tilting his head gently I watched his eyes investigate my features, checking mine against theirs no doubt. We’d seen a thousand faces like these, why was he stopping now, risking both our lives?

He barked a single tone. A tone that id have understood if Garr’s army took sound from my world, fore I would have seen the ripples in the air between us or seen that question is his eyes, asking my how I could leave my own behind?

“The are not mine!” I roared. My chest heaved up and down. My eyes watered no doubt from standing in this valley of smoke. We should be walking, we should be leaving. I clenched my fist and turned my heel, threatening to leave him, to leave my only friend. Dune did not move. Instead he lay down amongst the ruins and turned back to what it was he saw.
I turned my face as he had. I looked. A dozen faces. Eyes wide open. Soft human expressions. Their bodies propped against a smoldering building. Pale skin smudged with black. No blood. All dead. My mind locked and I could not look away from the last pale face.
Dune barked, and those big sad blue eyes that had fixed my gaze, on that tiny round face, shut so hard with fear that they knocked me to my knees. The very last limp, naked, dirty body was a tiny girl, perhaps five years in age, with golden curls salt licked to her cheeks, and she was very much alive.
She was not mine. Her eyes, that is why Dune believed it. She could not have the black blood that ran in my veins. I closed my eyes. My daughter, she would be nearly five. I shook my head as though to say out loud in a very silent way, that Dune could not see my eyes in this being. He felt for her, the same way he felt dragging me from Lewic river, and if I could have felt it, I would have said its name. But love, love is something I only understood as what had been taken from me. An emptiness that had no name.

The tiny hand rested on my wrist, trying to pull my hands away from my face. My mind still trying to understand how, why, she was left alive. Tregos are merciless demons, they do not make mistakes. They do not leave life in their wake. The small hand was joined my Dunes warm muzzle, pushing at my finger tips as I dug them into my face. Garr must have stopped the Trego, he was the only one with power enough to do so. But why?

Bait! She was being used as bait! And Dune and I were playing right into his plan!

Copyright @Cassidy Millar 2010-2014

Transparency Project


/////Transparency Project/////
{ a movement to remove negative stigma from the Market Place, a belief in transparency, respect & straightforward equality, Honor Your Self without Expectations, a movement to clear out generations of fear, shame, & self doubt }

Welcome to The Magicians Cat TOTAL Transparency Project. Below I have outlined the ACTUAL Cost of this piece & how that Breaks Down. If You would like an itemized list of this breakdown, just ask 🙂 These figures include the tax & shipping I paid on each item. If you would like Guidance on how to do this for Your Shop, please convo me 🙂

You will find the option to “Give” WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD ( in ::this:: moment ) in the drop down menu in this listing, located between the words “Overview” & the listing Price.
So this is my TRUTH, and I am sharing what I Love to do with YOU, and YOU are all different, in different places, with different Paths, so here is my honest movement to change MY marketplace in the tiny way I CAN, by being straightforward, dropping ridged expectations by creating flexibility, freedom, choices with Honesty.

I began my $19 necklace project in the beginning of 2014 after I realized that my Heart needed something different…I wanted to do business Like FRIENDS, Like FAMILY, with trust & Love & Genuine Giving…to create from the Earth with Uplifting Beauty, with LOVE as my first intention, never money. To allow my creative energy to flow outbound, from my Heart to Yours, and on and on…
So please Friends, PAY WHAT YOU CAN & if intense emotions arise, or even dense emotions, OPEN YOUR HEART to meet Your SELF where YOU are, in this moment, with LOVE and Grace, and Know, about all else, I wish for YOU to be HAPPY.

& the Movement begins….enjoy.


Earth Necklace

♥♥ These necklaces are intended to provide grounding support wherever you may find yourself. In moments of unrest you may find these tiny gifts vibrating softly against the meeting place of your third & fourth chakras. ♥♥
♥♥ the crystals in these jars can be charged with your intentions, resting gently on your body to provide these reminders softly. Each jar is its own Tiny Universe, with multiplicities of wonder and awe, to be explored & celebrated…♥♥
♥♥The blessings of this earth are always with us and may these gentle gifts be a powerful grounding reminder of the true beauty of our nature. Each moment is an opportunity to tune in and open our heart. ♥♥


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the Magicians Cat

The Magicians Cat


..are You comfortable….with Stillness?..

Earth Healing

the little prince

“To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world…”

she gets what She needs.

She lives in a place that she does not know.

We are consumed.

The humans scream.

She watches as they collect in tiny water droplet’s.

suspended before they fall,
on her lavender petals.

How sad it must be.
She coos.
Watches them gently.

In a world she does not know,

She feels the fool,

When all around her screams certainty.

they are the fools.

What is it that they know.
She recoils.
Hardens her approach.

In a world she barely knows,

she is humbled.

The rain falls, hard.

Her tears are not their reality.

The sea that emerges from her,
A tremulous ship could not sail,

No man would survive her.

In a world she does not know,

Surrounded by people that swear they do,

She cries.
Not for her.
Not for them.
She cries to be with the sea,

How she wishes she was the sea.


News Flash

Have you ever felt like its someone else’s responsibility to give you what you need/desire? Thats because they embody/have the object of your desires/attainment/possession-mind, &this “having” & “having not” condition arises somewhere inside you & you feel they/”haver”, Have a Duity or a sense of purpose/accumulation totally dependent on giving what they have to others/you. This has happened almost every single time you have ever gotten upset for something not working out/going as planned. Isnt that so silly.


Light Dragons

Tree Ornaments


Open air collapses. Right on time.
All planned misfortune. She rides
the waves. Finds a way to let go, resists
the urge to let this feel like dying. She
is nothing short of intensely alive. She
is hungry. To not hear her own voice.
She wants not to be alone in this choice.
She has faith that she is not alone here.
This ground, if she closes her eyes and
flattens her palms, as a herd of buffalo runs,
close enough to turn her bones to earth.
This is a very good place to see from.
She must learn to look, to observe in
tranquility, even as sand blows into her
Love keeps this alive.
Do not provide a host for inferior influences.
-CassidyMillar xoxo

Daily tarot


Deadly Seven

The seven chief features in the Michael teachings.
(character flaw / ego defence / personality defect / stumbling block, whatever you prefer. )

Self-Deprecation (belittling/diminishing/undervaluing oneself)

Self-Destruction (sabotaging/punishing/harming oneself)

Martyrdom (reacting as if persecuted/victimised/oppressed)

Stubbornness (resisting change in one’s life)

Greed (selfish overindulgence, over-consumption)

Arrogance (inflating/exalting/overvaluing oneself)

Impatience (reacting as though being sabotaged/obstructed)

No Goal.

Ego Awareness Movement


Groundlessness. Is there truely anything that needs protection? 99.9% empty space and my little self will tell me to search for security in this space and there is laughter from my higher heart, who’s floating commentary shatters the weakest of my intentions and in one eye I see the dust and in the other the space around this such. So why does my winged heart melt against the sun, break against the weight, die into infinity. Swirling. Mankind if I could open the mind and show you grey matter you’d say I’d found something solid. You may insist but you are me and I am you. So I know. I know. Doubt, the space between heart and mind. Divine without. Alive and untrustworthy. Plague. Riddled with your solid touchable sins. Chained with the key in your pocket all this time. Blind because you see darkness in light. If I could tell you of a world where your limitations look like imitations. Thats what they are my friends. I set a burning bowl within my heart and I feed these flames my rigid tastes. Today I burn for us, courage and groundless such. Namaste. Xoxo

{ monday interview #2 }

<<< <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> >>>>>>


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// helena

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” The name of my brand – Here&Now – originates from my credo: “To live life here and now”.
I love to combine different materials: glass, wood, solder, patina, paper, lace, feather, moss, metal, drift wood.
I find the beauty in simple lines, colors and forms.
I recycle and reuse things to create my jewelry. I think it is very important not to waste things but to find new way to use.”-Helena



“If you catch a Ginkgo leaf as it floats to earth, you’ll have good luck.”


Favorite Colors


My favorite colors are all colors of nature.

I have some periods of like/dislike the particular color, but everyone has them, as I think.

I also have my special colors that I am always fond of: black, white, grey, navy, red and yellow – 70% of my clothes and interior pieces are in this colors.


ten words to describe yourself


Smiling, creative,

funny, open-minded, cheerful, sometimes grumpy,

shy, dreamy, adventurous, friendly.


what is your vision?


To make unusual and beautiful things and to feel myself a better person while making them.


 favorite materials


Glass, wood, solder, patina, paper, lace, feather, moss, metal, drift wood.


” Little glass bar terrarium with branch inside. It is like you own tiny world in glass. “



” This Chevron Pendant made of clear glass is very stylish and fits perfectly to every outfit. “


<<< <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> >>>>>>

 personal inspirations


I am always inspired – by nature,

by photos I found in magazine or internet,

by old and vintage things, or by movies.

I love to find new interesting designers on etsy and pinterest .



your favorite quote:     “To live life here and now” – it is my credo.


3 favorite etsy stores:  I have much more than 3. But if had to choose only 3, I’d take


AgJc &



All time favorite etsy item(s):

One, two black stoneware vases.

Two, Cicada’s – Signed Parchment Print

Three, Silver Asymmetrical earrings Nro23 


+ 3 favorite etsy teams of all time

Scandinavian Design


Top Treasury

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10 { nouns } You are Grateful for


Life, my partner, my mom, friends, strangers, hands, sun, rain, snow, beauty of the world.



What personal attributes have come forward thanks to this creative venture?


Responsibility and organization



Describe your hardest lesson


I was lucky enough not to have really tough life lessons,

but in general the hardest thing is to wait and to keep on doing my projects

despite my “I want everything right now” nature.

<<< <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> >>>>>>




Current Projects?

I’m working on Christmas ornaments.

There are some houses with branches inside

and glass houses in work now. They will be added on my etsy website very soon.



“Little miracle to raise your Christmas Mood. “

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♥ where, oh where, are you wandering to? Personal aspirations & Dreams ♥

I changed my life some months ago and moved to Canada. And I have big aspiration to grow roots in this Country, to find friends in artistic field, or just people to be on the same wave. I want to find great stockists for my creations, to take part in local fair, and to make better photos of my items. And it will be great to have more customers)



” This little plane says you – “Let’s fly away!” “


{ the final question }

Tips for Sellers as a Seller & Tips for sellers as a Buyer?

Everything should be perfect (the item, the photo, the package)


Never mind if something is not perfect – if I like this item – I’ll buy it!!!))))

<<< <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> >>>>>>

Links to Helena:


Follow Helena on instagram: @chujuk (To know more about this canadian adventure)

<<< <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> >>>>>>


” The Glass House is made of 1mm clear glass, copper foil and solder (with real branch inside). “

the end. xoxo

Writing Challenge


{ a phoenix’s game }

….and there wasn’t anything as terrible to tell you, but how much it ached, how much would break, when you went away this fall….so I trembled and stood, as calmly as you would, while tiny pieces of my insides went down in flames. No matter, it’s a Pheonix’s game, and Ive had a burning heart since before our start…now its frost I fear my darling dear,
so go and get your coat…
-cassidy millar
{ xoxoxox }

Rays of Light

{ strictly Vinyl }

Open Your Heart

Resentment & Forgiveness

Today I sit with my resentment toward humanity, my anger at the generations past, devoid of beauty, such brittle emotions. I sit. To honor. To Forgive. To compassionately Understand. To give myself Space and Time, Freedom, to be where I am as I am, shedding illusions. To melt my fear gripped sword stretched across your throat, to bring to knees my resenting self. The time, it is now.



I am Grateful for…

#85 Mind & Body as One

#85 Mind & Body as One

When body and mind are together, you are fully present. You are fully alive and you can touch the wonders of life that are available in the here and now. So you practice not only with your mind but with your body. Body and mind should be experienced as one thing, not two. On that ground, you see that everything you are looking for is already there.

thich nhat hanh,

Book: your true home

Intensify Your Practice

“Whenever you are ready…irrespective of your personal history, whenever you are ready, you can engage the deeper creative energies within you and begin to change. Its up to You. Namaste. ” Swami Chetanananda
Reflection: I woke up today, realizing more deeply my struggle yesterday, battling that feeling….who am i?
I asked deeply to understand.
Now, after Intensifying my Practice with Swami C, i\I feel light and calmly centered. His talk gave such insight, like bright light, into my question this morning. I feel fresh. Breathing & connecting with my whole being. Feeling my heart.
I wish to Grow, with harm to none.
Thank you Swami C,

{ Monday Interview #1 }

Sarah & the Moon, an Etsy Shop interview by Cassidy Millar }

{ click to view: All Photos are linked to their Current Listings }



{ Sarah }

I am very excited to present to you,

Sarah & the Moon.



Favorite Colors?  Blues, purples and greens…not the pastel shades though!
sarah & the moon
{ Etsy Listing:  Opulent and elegant, this striking cape is both dramatic and very warm. It features a striking pattern of stripes and colour blocks, woven in the “Saori” style, which makes the garment an irresistible piece of wearable and unique fibre art. }
ten words to describe yourself ? I’m a shy, curious, friendly, tattooed bookworm
unconcerned by rank or belongings…more About Sarah.
what is your vision? To bring colour and joy into people’s lives and make them smile.
 favorite materials? Merino and alpaca yarn.
personal inspirations? The artists Frida Kahlo and  Lolita Lempicka,  authors Maya Angleou and Angela Carter and the architect Zaha Hadid, as well as any woman that lives by her beliefs and stands to true to them.
your favorite quote: I have this quote in my purse, although I have no idea where it originated:

“Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you.  Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within. “

sarah & the moon

 { Etsy Listing: Luxury fibre: merino, alpaca, wool and premium acrylic. Care: Cool gentle hand wash recommended, Scarf should be dried flat and pressed on the ‘wool’ setting with the aid of a pressing cloth.  }
+3 favorite etsy stores?
LisaPierceJewelry for her amazing use of technique and colour
behindmyblueeyes I love her vision and use of colour
pidgepidge As a fellow weaver, I can appreciate the technique that she uses and I love her use of colour too!
+all time favorite Etsy purchase?
I bought a hanging mosaic ladybird from a shop that up until that point had had no sales. It was lovely to support another artist at a time when she was getting disheartened…and I got a fabulous garden ornament too.
+ 3 favorite Etsy Teams of all time?
Established Self“of course! Mainly because of the talent in the team and the like-mindedness of the members.
British Crafters” – a small group who really support and promote one another
and “Handmadeology” because you can learn so much.


to the world of

finely crafted & luxurious, handwoven & hand knit,

fashion accessories.”


sarah & the moon
♥ 10 { nouns } You are Grateful for:
I am grateful for my health, eyesight, curiosity and tenacity. I am grateful that I can read, laugh and have my friends laugh with me. I am grateful for the loyalty I have experienced from others in my life. I am grateful to everyone I have ever known, as they have formed the person I am today…and I am content with myself.
♥ What personal attributes have come forward thanks to this creative venture?
Um, I had no idea that I could absorb so much information! I think I have become much more focussed and time aware – I am not the faffer that I used to be….although, I do slack sometimes!
sarah & the moon
{ Etsy Listing: I have hand knit this wonderful scarf using a hand dyed yarn, the pattern is my own and the scarf is designed to be worn bandana style. It is made from a really soft merino wool, and features little ‘points’ along the edge of the scarf that have been knit in a different stitch to the main part of the scarf to add a bit of extra texture.
Describe your hardest lesson Hardest  lesson in my Etsy shop?
It would be that no matter what you are told to do, someone will always tell you to do something different, so go with your gut feeling. It’s your work, your creativity and only you can get your vision across….it was a tough lesson, but one that was needed.
where, oh where, are you wandering to? Personal aspirations & Dreams?
 I would love to become more well known as a weaver and maybe be able to give up my part time job to weave full time. I would love to live somewhere else and experience another culture….however, my ultimate dream would be to have a yarn shop where anyone involved with yarn from spinners, knitters/crocheters and weavers could meet up and exchange ideas.
sarah & the moon{ Etsy Listing: If the colours aren’t your cup of tea, then convo me to discuss the colours that you would like. The scarf is a distinctive shape (a long, narrow triangle), and has little ‘points’ running along almost the entire length of one side. }

{ the final question }

Tips for Sellers as a Seller & Tips for sellers as a Buyer? As a seller ensure your photo’s are clear and well thought out…and join a team a two in order to get support and promote your work. As a buyer, no advice really…buying is so personal, but look for items that are genuinely hand made or produced as they have a different ‘feel’ from generic store bought goods – and you are supporting another’s dream at the same time.

There are links below to both Sarah’s Etsy & Blog!

“All of my designs are completely made by my own hand in my studio in rural North Devon, UK. I work almost exclusively with natural yarns – many of which are hand dyed or hand painted by me. I regularly add new designs to the shop…so feel free to visit every so often to discover fresh and original pieces with fabulous colour, and unique touches, all made with luxury materials that are guaranteed to get you noticed. ” – sarah




sarah & the moon

Shop Sarah’s gorgeous handmade knits on Etsy

the end. xoxox

junior boys { yoko ono- give me something }

Born Ruffians { needle }

Caribou + Holden – Renata (Daphni Remix)

Sanguine Moon

Hunters Full Moon

{ Home, My Heart } Blissful Team Treasury

{ # 81 }


{ quote from : your true home, by thich nhat hanh }

Don’t Run Away

The Tendency to run away from suffering is there in every one of us. We think that by seeking pleasure we’ll avoid suffering. But this doesn’t work. It stunts our growth and our happiness. Happiness isn’t possible without understanding, compassion, and love. And love is not possible if we don’t understand our suffering and the other person’s suffering.

Getting in touch with suffering will help us cultivate compassion and love. Without understanding and love we can’t be happy, and we can’t make other people happy. We all have the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, joy, and nonfear in us. If we’re constantly trying to avoid suffering, there is no way for these seeds to grow.

-your true home, the everyday wisdom of thich nhat hanh

Petulia – The Kooks (Freestyle Edit)

{ what is Your Relevancy to Etsy ? }

I begin now, the Question & exploration of how Etsy decides what Relevancy truly is.

“When you click on any given section or subsection of a browse page, you’ll be taken to items that are sorted by relevancy. These item results are not curated. Instead, our system looks across the entire marketplace for items that are relevant to the themes of the particular browse section, and then it displays those items sorted by relevancy.”

My Questions #1,2&3:

What does your system look at, all across the marketplace? (“… items that are relevant to the themes of the particular browse section…”)

How does your system find them, what strategy&technique does your system employ?  (“…and then it displays those items sorted by relevancy.” )

How is the relevancy determined?

Answer: ” Just like in Search, a listing’s tags and titles are important in determining where it appears in Browse. We explain more about that further below.  ” – Etsy Help

Further on:

“What does that mean? Similar to Search, our system will show relevant results in Browse based on keywords in listing tags and titles. In addition, the category the seller chose during the listing process is also taken into consideration. All of these factors together contribute to whether or not an item is eligible to appear in a particular section of Browse.” 

“Each section and subsection will display up to 20,000 relevant items before prompting buyers to use Search. ”



{The Perks of Browse }

(& a must read in full via the article here):

“Overall, we’re happy to share that Browse has led to more shops with sales when compared to Categories. With this in mind, we’ll continue to seek feedback and further enhance Browse for shoppers.”

“we learned that buyers are much more likely to visit a category related to what an item is (jewelry), or its end use (weddings), than a category related to material or technique. ”

“We also wanted our browse pages to reflect more commonly-recognized, buyer-friendly groupings of items that will be meaningful for any visitor — new or returning. We considered what our sellers are offering on Etsy, and how we could use browse pages to highlight the uniqueness of the marketplace in a relevant way.

Based on the information we collected, we concluded that ArtHome & LivingJewelryWomenMenKidsWeddingsVintage, and Supplies were the strongest top-level groupings to help buyers browse Etsy’s marketplace. ”

– Etsy Help


{ Browse vs Category }


Categories still play an important role in Etsy’s marketplace. They’ll continue to be used as filters for buyers using Search. When sellers list items, they’ll still be asked to select a category and subcategories — these selections help our system better understand what an item is, so it can appear in browse pages where it’s most relevant.”

( ” these selections help our system better understand “)—-The Categories we select during listing an item, help in determining what an item is, thus increases its relevancy to the system if our selected categories are most accurate…

“Buyers who want to shop for items using our original 31 categories, like Geekery or Crochet, can click on the Categories link under More Ways to Shop, located on the homepage. The design and behavior of category pages have not been changed.”

– Etsy Help



{ Note }

“we organized browse pages in a way that models what many buyers are accustomed to — grouping items by what they are, who they’re for, or what they’re used for.” — Etsy Help

{ FYI }

” the category links on our homepage are rarely clicked and, overall, only 6% of visits to Etsy that include a purchase have viewed a category. ” – Etsy Help

“Any shopping pages that became redundant with the introduction of Browse, such as Kids or Home & Garden, have been absorbed into their appropriate browse pages.” – Etsy Help

in regards to what browse sections hit the front page:

“We chose browse themes that would be easy entry points with the goal of leading shoppers to discover something they’ll love” – Etsy Help

“In most of Etsy’s browse pages, vintage and handmade items are shown together and sorted by relevancy. Buyers have responded positively to the combination of handmade and vintage items in search results, so Etsy is moving toward a more integrated shopping experience overall. “- Etsy Help

My Question: what is happening to Etsy is a Handmade Artists marketplace?

(not answered here)



back to relevancy….


What determines where items appear in browse pages?

The images that represent a browse section: “The items featured in the images are hand-picked by Etsy Admin in an effort to best represent the theme of their section.” “When deciding what items to use, we look for listings and shops with strong photographs and brand representation. ”

How are items selected to represent a section on a browse landing page?

“Any item and shop on Etsy is eligible to be featured. We aren’t able to feature all of the deserving
shops in our marketplace, but you can increase your likelihood of getting noticed by following the tips shared in our Seller Handbook! ”

As a seller, how can I optimize my items for browse pages?

” Browse pages rely on relevancy, so as long as you’re listing your items in their appropriate category and using accurate tags and titles, you’ll be optimizing for both Search and browse pages at the same time.

We have loads of resources available to help you get your listings in shape. Check out the list below!

Basic articles from our Help Center…

– What is a listing title, and how does it affect my item?
– What are tags?
– What are categories?


{ the dynamic processes set in motion }

Published on Sep 13, 2013
This excerpt from the Spanda Karikas program was recorded on the afternoon of August 24, 2013. In it, Swamiji discusses the concept of the breath of life, and how it relates to this ancient text. He talks about what it’s like to know something through revelation rather than intellectually. The complete program will be available soon on awakeningkundalini.com.

Separation { Tobalo Edit }

{ Cozy & Whimsical Treasury }

Wanderer’s Lullaby

{ gold panda } monday music

{ Independence through just being Me. }

Mondays are business check-in days here at The Magicians Cat offices&laboratory.

For those of you that have not yet met me, I run a small business out of a beautiful home space in Seattle Washington, called The Magicians Cat. Im an extraordinarily imaginative creature, finding myself through my path…faa dee daa.

My business started with a great passion for natural stones…gradually mutating into my idea of Adornment, my Chaotic Wanderlust. I made my first attempt at becoming an Entrepreneur via street markets in southern California in 2010, selling my photographs (actually) along side my Textile Goddess sister, Manda MIllar ( Mammal Chupie ) ; & ending that dream to return to corporate retail and afford a mandatory move to the pacific northwest, asap.

The Magicians Cat truly began after a dream job at a small&infamous local artist ( cards, paintings, textiles, metal workers, wood carvings, jewelry ) shop, in Portland Oregon, called Redux. I was nothing short of a wet eared, clumsy, determined 20-something when Redux schooled me on the whats-what and hows-how of True Independent Artistic Livelihoods. Dreams and passions being lived, right in front of my eyes, everyday. I’ve never, ever, loved cleaning so much. Or working for that matter…

The pursuit of my passion, my dreams, the actualization/expression of my heart-thumping imagination, began in my bedroom. Unorganized, under supplied, inexperienced, doubtful, and so very determined, I began building my vision. Independence through just being Me. Impossible, right? In this day, c’mon. I heard a lot of that, and being blessed to be at Redux, I heard more ” you should do it!” “You CAN do it!” “I did it!” “I believe more people should!”….

..and in the end it was Courage that made my dream this reality.

I Google everything now, if I have a question, I don’t ever stop because I feel the answer is too difficult to find.

I opened my Etsy site in 2012 after doing a lot of research online about the best medium for networking&sales. There are a lot out there and, honestly, a lot more since i chose Etsy years ago. The first thing I learned about being your own business, is that you are literally every person in that business. Seem like a no-brainier, right? I have a background in retail management, logistics, hr & interior/exterior visual applications. I thought I was prepared. Wrong, so wrong. Skills and efficiency, even experience, only get you so far. Eventually, it comes down to literal, dense, immovable time. Time. If I had time to do…x y and z.

So, that’s the full circle, back to Monday business check-ins.

Hers a typical list:

Check in on Etsy includes,

♥mail, responding to&reading

♥moving/rotating shop

♥Checking in with my Etsy teams/teams I have a leadership role in:

Established Self ( 1400+ members! )


Dark Beauty

♥Checking in with my Established Self team Facebook page:

Est.Self FB

♥♥ Making the Epic To-Do List for the week ♥♥

♥ always includes, making new jewelry, working on new ideas & projects, updates&refreshers on all my social media sites..twitter,  pinterest,   FB,   etsy

♥ Of course a billion things come up between all that lovely Monday structure, but i consider getting fired out of the barrel straight, a good way to start.

♥So I will be here, sharing on some Mondays, my Epic to-do list & independent business happenings. ♥ There will also be social media tutorials, by me, coming soon! ♥


Currently, I dabble in pencil&ink art, but have yet to produce prints..

this one is quiet large  20″ x 30″ or so..

{ fallow grace }

{ fallow grace }

I have kept a journal since I was 8. Usually several at a time now… I have an old live journal account..ancient even. Here is the not as old child of that first blog:


{ voices of many }

With my main focuses being,


Photo by Cassidy MIllar

Photo by Cassidy MIllar



Raw Natural Gemstones & Coyote Tooth Necklace

Raw Natural Gemstones & Coyote Tooth Necklace


Transformative Stones

{Black Tourmaline}

Transformative Stones Black Tourmaline

Transformative Stones, Black Tourmaline